API Application Penetration Testing

Evaluate the security of your API application with a CERT-In Empaneled Auditor

Reduce Risk
of Breaches

Satisfy Compliance

Verify Current
Security Controls

Audit Certificate

Application programming interface (API) is included in almost all web applications and mobile applications, it is extremely important to ensure their security, especially your customer’s data that can a be exposed and taken advantage of by an attacker to exfiltrate data and compromise your application.


By Having Vulnerablities in your API , you could be:

Risking Massive Data Breaches

Leaving Sensitive Client Information Exposed.

Risking Your Reputation and Your Company's

Risking Underlying Hosted Server Which May Have Critical Data.

Incur Large Fines

Risking Possible Lawsuits

It is important to secure the critical API Endpoint, your company relies upon to conduct business and to store proprietary and confidential information.

We defend your organization as our own & work as an extension of your team to combat cyber threats...

How You Benefit?

Reduce the risk of breaches

Our consultants specialize in simulating cybercriminals, going beyond the capabilities of automated tools and standard audits to identify complex security issues.

Satisfy Compliance Requirement

No-surprise audits: We offer thorough assessments and assistance to help you achieve compliance with relevant regulations, ensuring no unexpected compliance gaps or issues arise

Verify Your current security controls

Our Comprehensive audits of your organization’s infrastructure provide factual information about the effectiveness of your current security controls

Obtain Audit Certificate

High credibility is always inherent when obtaining your audit certification from a CERT-In Empanelled organization.

Our Security Certifications

Our consultants hold cyber security certifications such as SANS/GIAC GXPN, GAWN, GPEN, GWAPT, GRID, GCIH, OSCE, OSWP, OSCP, CEH, CREST etc. This means your hiring WORLD CLASS SECURITY EXPERTS to fight against Hackers trying to attack your infrastructure.

How we can help you to
secure your
API Endpoint

API Penetration Testing

Peneto Labs API penetration testing service simulates an attack on an API in order to verify its security. Our consultants will test a variety of real-world hacker techniques against your API Endpoint in order to compromise user data. Through this type of penetration testing, you will understand how API endpoint vulnerabilities can impact your business.


How to Get Started?

Satisfy your organization’s compliance requirements & reduce risk of breaches

Give us an appointment

This will allow us to understand your current challenges and align us with your vision and business compliance requirements.

Let Us Assess Your API

Our certified experts carry out high quality audits to identify security gaps including high impact risks as a result we produce comprehensive reports.

Implement Our Recommendations

Our well documented reports with an executable remediation plan, followed by a detailed solution walk through and Q&A sessions helps your technical team to fix issues without any difficulties

Obtain Audit Certificate

Obtaining your CERT-In audit certification, satisfy compliance requirements, reduce the risk of breaches and focus on your mission with peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How much does API Penetration Testing cost?

Peneto Labs offers personalized penetration testing at transparent prices. We carefully consider tester skillset and asset complexity to provide accurate quotes, ensuring comprehensive security assessments for your digital assets.
The time required for testing may vary based on the application’s size and complexity. We aim for flexible pricing, accommodating different project sizes for fair and precise cost assessments. Our pricing model is variable and considers factors like the number of IP addresses, retesting needs and required expertise.

What is the difference between a vulnerability scan, vulnerability assessment, and a penetration test?

Clarification is essential: A vulnerability scan, vulnerability assessment, or automated scan cannot be considered a penetration testing. While a vulnerability scan utilizes automated tools to detect known weaknesses, a vulnerability assessment involves a more comprehensive evaluation, manually inspecting and assessing the severity of vulnerabilities. On the other hand, a true penetration test simulates real-world attacks to identify and exploit security vulnerabilities, demonstrating the potential risks associated with those vulnerabilities. Trust our experienced team to provide specialized vulnerability assessments and penetration testing services, delivering comprehensive insights and solutions to bolster your organization’s security. Contact us today to schedule a reliable and thorough assessment tailored to your specific needs.